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You might be seeking counselling or psychotherapy for a particular issue you are experiencing which you are finding challenging or painful. I understand how difficult it can be finding the right therapist but also acknowledging there is an issue you would like to address. I would like to help you along this particular journey and help you move forward from this difficult stage in your life.


I am a highly qualified Person Centred / Humanistic Psychotherapist with 10+ years experience. I practise in Nottingham, Carlton (NG4) and Loughborough (LE12). I am able to offer short term (12 - 16+ Session) or longer term based on individuals needs (1 - 3+ years).

At the core of my practise is to work relationally alongside you to establish a warm therapeutic working relationship with you, where you feel heard, valued and understood. I believe creating this environment together can offer opportunities for change to occur and for you to trust your own judgement and feel empowered by your own autonomy. 

About Me
About Me

I have a BSc in Health and Social Care with Guidance and Counselling and a 5 year MSc in Person Centred Psychotherapy at The Sherwood Psychotherapy Institute (University of Coventry) which included my own attendance in therapy and research project whilst working alongside clients throughout.


I am registered with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) and a member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I am also a member of The Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute (SPTI).


My own life experiences have shaped me to the person I am today and I feel open to the fluidity of life and know I am open to constant change in myself but also to that around me.


My back ground was in the social care industry managing a large team to enable them to support a diverse range of individuals who have an array of mental health issues such as schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, learning difficulties, physical disabilities, visual impairments, and end of life care.​ I have volunteered in many counselling sectors and have also help to run a counselling service within a college setting.


I have personal experience of bereavement, challenging relationships, relationship breakdowns, stress, anxiety, redundancy, financial and lifestyle challenges and much more, which gives me a personal insight into the difficulties clients may be facing. 

I love nature and exploring new places. I also love music, playing board games, socialising, walking my dogs, learning the guitar and to also have quiet time to read or be creative.


I have experience of working with a wide range of client issues such as:-


  • Anxiety

  • Adoption

  • Chronic illness and disability issues

  • Depression

  • EAP programme work

  • Emotional abuse

  • Family dysfunction and difficult childhood

  • Fertility and IVF counselling

  • Grief and loss, bereavement

  • Identity

  • Loneliness

  • Low self-esteem


  • Relationship breakdowns

  • Self-harm

  • Sexual abuse and rape counselling

  • Suicide 

  • Trauma

  • Work-related bullying and stress

MSc Person Centred Psychotherapist. UKCP Reg. BACP Reg  & SPTI member
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What is Psychotherapy
What is Psychotherapy 

People have Psychotherapy or Counselling for a number of different reasons - you could be feeling low, depressed, stressed or anxious about something, or be struggling with a relationship breakdown, past or present abuse, bereavement, family problems, money worries, work-related problems or many other things. You may not be able to label the way you feel but if you feel things aren’t right, Psychotherapy may help relieve some of these issues. It may also help you come to terms with things you cannot or do not wish to change.


As a Person Centred Psychotherapist I believe everybody has the potential to change and that we change constantly based on our experiences and our environment. We can often adjust to life, which at the time helps us create coping mechanisms to survive difficult and painful times. I believe these coping mechanisms are very creative and usually have been apart of our lives for some time however we may find that it isn’t helping as much as it used too or feel stuck and not able to move past it. I believe at the core of my practice is to establish a warm empathic alliance with yourself in a non-judgmental, sincere way to help you feel heard and understood. This can naturally lead onto you feeling empowered and more in control of your own life to make those changes that feel right for you to feel more fulfilled.



Small changes can make a big difference.

How I Work

I offer a safe, welcoming space to be heard, where your fears, doubts, anxieties and vulnerabilities can be shared, acknowledged and respected in a confidential, empathic and supportive environment. I will focus on your life experiences and will ensure I see this from your point of view, as we are all unique beings and external circumstances affects us all differently and this is important to me to insure you are treated as a unique individual with empathy and a respectful manner.

I am an active Person Centred Therapist and want to commit my time and attention to you. It is important for you to feel empowered and therefore I believe it is best you feel in control of the pace and how deep you want to go for change to occur.

I do focus on the present, however sometimes past events may be effecting you to be within the 'here and now', therefore going through some history or past events maybe beneficial for you.

I do like to work creatively which may consist of a range of different mediums and approaches. I am interested in exploring your connection between your emotions and body. I may use art materials, soul collages, handouts/activities which can be of value alongside a talking therapy and can lead you into gaining new insights, focus, awareness and at times can be a release of emotion.

Have you got the thoughts " But I'm not creative, I do not like doing arty things, this does not appeal to me"....... please do not worry!

I will offer or invite you to try something new before doing an activity to give you the opportunity to decline. I will never insist that you do anything you are not comfortable with.

How I work
Frequently Asked Question

How do I know if I need Psychotherapy?


 Do you have that feeling that something isn’t quite right and it will not shift? Do you feel you’ve spoken to a close friend but you cant quite be honest and feel you may need someone outside your family and friend circle to talk too...... maybe someone you don’t know.


 How many sessions will I need?


This really depends on you as an individual as everyone is unique and as a Person Centred Psychotherapist I believe you will get a feel on how many sessions you need and this is something that can be continually monitored as we work towards the outcomes you desire. 


How often are the sessions and how long are they?


I believe the process works better weekly as this helps to establish the relationship and allows continuity for clients to explore their issues, however I understand this may not fit and is important each person is treated as an individual so this can be discussed. The sessions last 50 minutes.


What happens if I miss a session?


I do ask you give me 24 hours notice or you will still have to pay for the session.

What if I am late for my session?

The sessions are 50 minutes at the agreed time. If you arrive late the session the finish time is still as pre-arranged.


What is the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?


Even though there is no definitive distinction between Counselling and Psychotherapy, in general counselling is short term and involves looking at specific issues affecting someone's present daily life. Whereas, Psychotherapy involves looking at deeper issues such as when someone's past experiences which are still causing them distress and therefore need a longer time frame to work at these issues.

Where are you located?

I have a practise in Barrow Upon Soar LE12 Area and another practise in Carlton NG4 area.



Useful Information / Pricing

Contracting: This can be done for short-term work whereby we will agree a number of sessions usually between 6-12 and would agree to work to aims and objectives for that period. Long term work contracting is slightly different, we would agree arrangements whereby we both periodically review the progress and would agree a notice period for an ending of our work together.


Assessment session: This will provide you with a chance to work out whether I am the right Psychotherapist for you and for me to ensure I am the right person to meet your needs and offer you what you deserve. If we both decide to work together we will fill out some forms which help establish a starting point in providing a way to track the progress of our work together. 


Costs: The standard rate for individuals is £60 per session. The sessions last 50 minutes and are generally arranged for the same time each week. Couples / intimate relationships is £120 for 90 minutes.


I do offer a lower rate of £50 only for students funding their psychotherapy courses who are seeking professional development and are contracted for long - term therapy. I can offer discounts to those who may be in possible crisis such as financial hardship like redundancy, however these spaces are limited. 


Ethics: It is essential I am working to the ethical guidelines to ensure you are being provided with the best therapeutic intervention I can offer, to ensure these standards are maintained I am a member of the BACP and I am registered with UKCP. The guidelines set out by these professional bodies can be downloaded from the websites below.

Complaints: The UKCP and BACP require standards of initial training and continuing professional development.  They require that a supervisor monitors and reviews my work on a regular basis that are also part of the UKCP and BACP bodies. By doing this they are ensuing I am following the ethical guidelines referred to above. A formal complaints procedure is in place and details of how to make a complaint are available from their websites.

Other resources:

Useful Information
Contact Me
MSc Person Centred Psychotherapist. UKCP Reg. BACP Reg  & SPTI member
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Contact Me

Thank you for your submission. I work with clients throughout the day and endeavour to respond as soon as I can. Thank you for you patience.


Barrow Upon Soar Practise near Loughborough LE12 Area

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Carlton Practice In Nottingham NG4 Area

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